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About Avatrade Website

Avatrade Website is born to warn the world that AVATRADE is scam, theft and fraud.
The AvaPartner system is designed to ruin your account. We have two objectives:

1º To inform everyone about the company AVATRADE so that everyone knows who are facing and do not fall into this AVATRADE network, where all of us who form this platform have filed complaints to the police because we consider ourselves scammed and robbed by AVATRADE and its agents.

2º. Join forces to recover our money (we already have a lawyer's office) and so that the police can arrest and imprison them.

AVATRADE is a broker Market Makers they are brokers in which the purchase or sale operations of financial instruments (currencies, stocks, indices, commodities,...) requested by their clients are not carried out directly in the market but in the broker's own trading desk. What is clear is that what we lose goes to the broker.

But the problem is in the intermediaries or as AVATRADE says their affiliates charge that the more operations we make the more commissions they take.


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AvaTrade is theft. AvaTrade is scam. AvaTrade is fraud

AVATRADE: scams, theft and fraud
Is Avatrade
a Fraud?
AVATRADE: scams, theft and fraud
Is AvaTrade a Robbery?
AVATRADE: scams, theft and fraud
= Trade99



Melody has robbed me.

Is Sari a man or a Woman?
Is Sari a man or a Woman?
I think that the Melody who robbed me may be Sari.
Mrs Hemmendinger came to AvaTrade after serving as a Senior Manager at PwC

What People Say

Avatrade is theft, swindle and fraud


The domain avatrade-afectados.es has managed to close in a few minutes an AVATRADE advertisement placed in the digital newspaper MADRIDIARIO last Thursday 5 August 2021. AvaTrade